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New 16 inch portable folding ebike released by Qualisports
 2020/06/05 | View:97

Today qualisports® announces the release to market of a fully newly designed 16 inch folding bike. Aligned with the company’s range of products the folding bike is named ‘Qualibike’, a portable e-bike above imagination.

The unique foldable frame is made from aluminum alloy grade 6061 and can carry 100 kg. The Qualibike doesn’t look like an e-bike at all thanks to the hidden seat-post battery. Unique is also that the bike can be driven as pure bike without any resistance, with pedal support and even on cruise control without any effort of the driver. This is made possible by high quality high torque geared brushless motor, top-notch battery management, control board and intuitive multi-mode controller with LCD display. The bike is foldable in three steps, had foldable pedals and can be easily stored or taken in the trunk of a car.

The bike had been designed for bringing the best driving experience for an affordable price. The company will market the Qualibike on a global basis. 

More details will be announced on our website.