eGO Move Unicycle wit
eGO Move Unicycle zwart
Inside the packsge
The one wheel eGO Move unicycle is one of the lightest and environmentally friendliest compact way of personal transportation. The electric unicycle doesn’t emit exhaust gasses and is no danger for the health of the user or the environment. And above all: it is and looks very cool.

On a full battery charge you can travel distances up to 20 km. You control your unicycle by moving your body weight forward, backward, to the left or the right. It doesn’t take force, only paying attention.
How does the eGO Move unicycle work?
With its solo or dual wheel, the eGO Move electric unicycle can easily get you from A to B. The electric motor in this mono wheel means that it emits no harmful emissions in the city and poses no health risks for either the user, its surroundings or the environment. The eGO Move electric unicycle has a self-balancing control system, which enables you to get balanced easily on the wheel. On a full charge you can ride up to 20 kilometers. Steering is done by shifting your bodyweight left and right. You don’t have to be mean, just lean.
1. Step up
2. Ride
3. En route
4. Stop
Step up
En route


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