Qualiabot Pro
Product parameters
10.5” Pneumatic Tires
Contrary to it sleek and state of the art looks, the Qualibot Pro is well equipped for all urban terrain. The unit’s large and air-filled tires are rated for many indoor and outdoor terrains. These pneumatic tires resist and absorb shocks better. The refined tread on these tires minimizes skidding and reinforces traction, keeping the rider safe and stable on the road. It automatically identifies small obstacles or slopes and dynamically adjusts the power based on road conditions, rain or shine.
The Qualibot Pro delivers a superb driving experience with an extended range: This real Pro-unit comes standard with an imported, UL-certified, cutting-edge LG 18650-lithium-ion battery that is combining lightweight and high capacity. This state of the art vehicle allows you a driving distance up to 30 km. 
The Qualibot Pro comes with a smartphone app that takes care of software upgrades and allows you to customize the Qualibot’s settings. And really smart: Your phone can serve as a remote-control unit.
The Qualibot Pro's innovative knee control bar allows the rider to maneuver more easily and precisely than on other electric scooters and hoverboards. Rather than turn by pivoting each foot individually, riders steer by gently pressing left or right on the Qualibot PRO’s knee bar. As a special feature on the Pro, the knee control bar height can be adjusted to fit each individual rider.
The Qualibot Pro’s light scheme is designed to enhance rider’s safety. It comes with a customizable color scheme for varying functions like stop, slow, and turns. You have a choice of up to 16 million colors. That way safety and esthetics merge enhancing the driving experience.


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