Biking definitly is indispensable of our daily life both in exercise and commuting ways.But when it comes to commuting use,too much riding will make us exhausted and sweat,so we desinged QUALIBIKE ,firstly a good bike,then a pedal assistant ebike, also we added cruise control system.

Folding Frame

Aluminium Alloy Grade 6061 frame and frontfrok, totaly new design, passed all vibration tests, light but strong enough to hold 100KG .And it could also be folded within 3 steps when you don’t want it occupy too much of your room or just want to put it into your trunk.

Customized 250W high speed geared brushless motor, weight only 2.2KG but with 40 N.M touque, So you can uphill over 18°. 
It’s so powerful that you don’t have to worry about hills or against wind without any sweat. 
What’s more, with a build-in clutch, you will never feel any magnetic resistance when ride without any power—it’s a pure, comfortable bike. 

To make Qualibike neat and unique ,we created seat-post lithium battery as our power system.Most people won’t recognize it’s an ebike at their first sight.And BMS system is also important .It keeps your battery safe from over-charging,over outlet and high temperature.Also ,BMS manages all the cells to work more efficiently to offer you a longer range.
The seat-post battery is removable so you can either charge it in the bike or separetly in your room.

Front and rear disc break keep you safe from any emergency with abreak distance within 3 meters. Also ebike lever is another safe keeper on this bike you can find,it shut down the power system right away if you take the break.
PAS ridng system
Multy function LCD display,12 points senser and FOC controller together combine the PAS system.You can either ride at pedales mode,or at cruise control mode with out pedaling or pure bike mode if you need some exercises.The senser could detect every  intention percisely.Once you are riding qualibike,you will fall love with it.


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